Tour Dates

Tour Date Module is where you can create departure dates for different tours.

First pick your tour category, ( this should be created before hand in under submodules ) then pick your tour under that tour category. Create your unique tour code. Next add tour start and end date. Group size is next. Pick if your tour is featured and/or Definite Departure.

Tour Features section is where you can define tour cost for single room, double room, triple room and a child.

You can change the status of tour anytime from Active to Inactive and even cancel the tour.

On the Tour Dates page, you can see the number of running tours, upcoming tours, past tours and cancelled tours

After creating your tour date , you can now start booking your tours.

This is the look of your tour departure date page where you can see all details about your departure.

When the tour is ready to go, you can get Booking Lists, Passport List and Emergency Details List as PDF File


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