Site Settings

Next You can setup Site Settings

Allow Registration : Do you want new users to be able to register on your app? If yes then, check this box. New users or your staff will be able to register on your page. You don’t have to create every single user one by one!

Registration Activation: Do you let new users register? then choose how to activate their account!

Automatic Activation: As soon as they register they can enter the site! ( Not Recommended. You can get lots of unwanted users in your app )

Manual Activation: If you pick manual activation, then you have to activate all the accounts one by one! You have got full control ( isn’t that great ). Might be little bit time consuming but that’s ok! You got the power!

Email with activation link: In this case, new user will have an email with activation code and they will have to activate their new account!

Remember, you can remove any unwanted users from your system anytime!

Default Group Registration: Remember you can create as many groups of users as you like. Pick one group as a default registration group for your new users.

Captcha: Make things little bit difficult for your new users to register. Mixed up letters and alphabets to make registration little more difficult for bots ( Hopefully soon we will start using ReCaptcha )

Main Language: We made MMB multi language system. We know there are still some words that we missed and  need to make it translatable. Please let us know if you find anything.

DateFormat: Simple. The format of the Date.. Pick one your site.

Email: What would you like to use for your emails to be delivered? PhpMailer or SWIFTMailer . If you choose SwiftMailer then make sure you follow all the instructions to configure it properly!

Metakey: Well it is just an old habit. Search engines don’t use them anylonger but it doesn’t hurt to some keywords for your website. By the way, this is for the frontend ! We haven’t implemented that yet. Hopefully soon

Meta Description : Description of your site. Pretty simple

Restricted IP Address: Any IP address you put in this field will NOT have an access to your app.

Allowed IP Address: IP addresses written in this field will have an access to your app. Before you activate this field make sure that your IP address is in the list.

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