Preparing Installation

1. Download the app from ENVATO and unzip it.
2. In unzipped folder you will find folders 
: mmb
 – database – documentation
3. Create app directory on your server or computer
4. Simply put all files inside directory mmb to your app folder on your server.
5. Create new database installation
6. You need to create new database. You can use phpmyadmin or any other mysql database tools provided by your hosting company.
7. After creating the new database, import database/mmb.sql file into your new database


You can install MMB app on a primary domain or a subdomain.

Install on your primary domain ( like )

1. Put all MMB files and folders before www or public_html folder ( your account’s document root directory on a shared server is probably /home/username/public_html .. So all the files need to go / home/username/ )
2. Now you can move all files and folders inside public folder to www or public_html
3. that’s it

Install on your subdomain

1. Create folder inside your www or public_html folder , then move all mmb files and folders to that folder
2. Create desire subdomain and make sure you point your new subdomain location to your new subdomain folder example : public_html/mysubdomain/public
3. that’s it

Setting up your Url
Open config/app.php file using your favorite php editor, go to line 29 and edit
‘url’ => ‘http://yourdomainname/’

Setting Database Info

Go to main folder where you put all the files and open .env file using your favorite php editor. ( If you can’t find .env file, make sure on your Cpanel ( or any Hosting Panel you use ) you are able to see HIDDEN files.



DB_USERNAME=your database username

DB_PASSWORD=your database password

Access your application
Now you can access your application via your favorite browser

Default Login :

Email Address :

Password : grace

Files Folder permission

Please make sure to set permission to 0775 at following file and folder on linux/unix server








1- Page not found after click any link
This is a common problem. You need to make sure enabling apache re_write module to make sure htaccess working

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