This module is for guides. You can see which guide got how many tours. You can keep their CV and also write notes about your guides.


This module can be used when we finish the frontend. This is module your customers can write reviews about your tours and all the other services.

Invoice & Payments & Group Sales

Create custom invoices for your customers and download as pdf file. After you receive the payments, you can record it on your app. To follow up your commissions from group sales, you can use this module

Tour Dates

Tour Date Module is where you can create departure dates for different tours. First pick your tour category, ( this should be created before hand in under submodules ) then pick your tour under that tour category. Create your unique tour code. Next add tour start and end date. Group […]


We have created  2 different modules for tours and tour dates. You can define all the tour tours with with TOUR module. For each tour you create with Tour Module, you can add as many departure dates as you like and each departure date could have different features for the […]


While creating MMB, we also wanted to add full CRM features. This is the page where you can collect all informations about your guests. Do you think we should add more fields? Let us know


You can add as many languages as you like. We have got a simple translation interface. You can translate each field in a language you like and app is good to go in new language. First Click Add New Translation and open a modal window. There are 3 fields to […]